‘’The right place for all the luxury you need, with the greatest service possible.’’

We’re on a mission

We passionately believe that luxury should be comfortable, and we are excited to help you herewith. Convenience is something that is at the heart of our company and we strive to make your life easier by making luxury easily accessible: anytime and anywhere.

The work we do

On our platform, we offer various luxury objects. Art from well-known artists, furniture from different suppliers and other amazing luxury goods and services. There’s more, if you are interested in a object that is not displayed on our platform, don’t bother to contact us! We’re here to help, so we’ll do whatever we can to help you find what you need.
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For more practical information concerning 2StART and our way of working, please go to the FAQ section. Feel free to contact us in case of any further questions.

Our story

The incident
Back in 2016, we were searching the internet for luxury objects and in-house architectural services, because let’s be honest: who doesn’t like luxury? After spending days and long nights on the internet searching for things we are passionate about, such as art, furniture and exclusive villas, we noticed that there are many websites offering luxury objects, but mostly only goods from one specific category (think of: online art-galleries, furniture shops and real estate). Since there are so many online web shops selling luxury objects, we had no clue where to start.
The search
Do you know that feeling? That feeling when you search for a object or service on the internet and find so many suppliers that it leads to an information-overload and you feel demotivated to continue your search because you just have no clue where to start? Well, we’ve been there and done that. Why can’t searching for objects be made easier? Why do we have to spend so much time on the internet searching for objects and services while it could all in one place? Seen that my partner and I both really value personal service and comfort, we figured it would be nice to put this to the test. So what did we do: contacted several suppliers of luxury goods and services to find out what the options are when one is interested in various luxury articles. After having been put on hold many times, repeatedly having to listen to disturbing ‘waiting-music’ and even waiting several hours (or even days!) for an e-mail reply, we gave up. There had to be a better way, and so it was: 2StART was born.
The solution
The idea for 2StART arose in 2016, and it was officially founded in 2017. Our passion for luxury combined with a great appreciation for personal service & comfort seemed to be the way to go! With 2StART, the time-consuming and mostly inconvenient process of spending hours on the internet and searching different websites for the objects and services we needed was no longer necessary. On our platform, you can find all the luxury you need, from art to furniture and from cars to villas. We even offer exclusive interior design services to help you combine the things you love in the best way possible. Oh, and with us you don’t need to worry about being put on hold, listening to disturbing waiting music or the inability to contact us directly. Whatever you need, we’re here to help. Even if you’re interested in a object that cannot be found on our platform, just let us know and we’ll see what we can do.

Core Values

  • Personal Service

    Being accessible and anticipating on your expectations while we take pride in satisfying them. That’s what we call service and that is what’s at the heart of our company.


  • Customer Satisfaction

    Your happiness is what drives us. We respect and value each and every customer and will do everything in our power to meet your needs and wishes.


  • Flexibility

    Whatever you need, whenever you need it. That’s what we strive for: creating a respectful environment that promotes open communication, approachable people and thoughtful responsiveness to customer needs at their convenience.


  • Adaptability

    Being flexible, willing to learn and open to new ideas are the building blocks for continuous improvement in all aspects of our business. We always value customer input as it is our greatest aim to make you happy – both with our objects and services.


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